Jar Holt

Immunoglobulins in human blood

Immunoglobulins: Where to find them? Immunoglobulins are glycoprotein molecules made by plasma cells (white blood cells). They are heterodimeric proteins made up of two heavy (H) and two light (L) chains. They may be divided functionally into factor (V) domains which bind antigens and constant (C) domains which define effector functions like activation of match …

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Sars Cov, Covid-19 controls

Nattrols are inactivated controls for Diagnostic tests by real time PCR orGenExpet, Cepheid. Lieven@gentaur.com for more information about nucleic acid controls. We can deliver next day to all offical government labs in Europe in April 2020. We need your BSL-2 certification before ordering. NATSARS-ST NATtrol Coronavirus SARS Stock NATMERS-ST NATtrol MERS-CoV Stock OTHER PCR Controls …

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Nano Polystyrene beads

Nanoaperture fabrication via colloidal lithography for single molecule fluorescence analysis. In single molecule fluorescence studies, background emission from labeled substrates often restricts their concentrations to non-physiological nanomolar values. Djou Ounas One approach to address this challenge is the use of zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs), nanoscale holes in a thin metal film that physically and optically confine …

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